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Getting courses up on VLN

Getting courses up on VLN
by Darren Sudlow - Monday, 21 November 2011, 3:01 PM
Hi all,

Please hold off in accessing your course outline on the VLN. Things are not quite ready yet (a glitch in creation of new accounts). I will notify you very soon and give instructions on what to do to roll over your old course outline or to create a new course outline (for new teachers).

For eDeans, please hold off on trying to enrol students. I will let you know when to go and provide supporting resources (as well as a couple of VCs next week).

A group of eDeans recently met for two days and developed a whole pile of new resources for eDeans and students. Thank you so much to that group. I will make those resources available in here soon.

More to come (especially re the two workshop days in Ashburton for eTeachers)