Lesson 4 – Your First Game

Objectives –

What: Make a simple game
Using Scratch
Learn basic control routines


Ask students to identify the game whose
motto is “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge” (from the filem Dodgeball).


Students follow onscreen instructions to
create a simple game.

First they create a cat that follows the

Next they create a ball that shoots across
the screen and returns at a random height to move again.

After that they add collision detection for
when the ball hits the cat.

Several extension tasks allow students to
add scoring systems, difficulty levels and more.

The finished file should be uploaded to the
VLE. [Learning Checkpoint]


There are several ways to cheat – clicking
and dragging the cat (so it moves more quickly), moving the cat so it is all
but off the screen (top or bottom) and out of range of the balls. Students
should try to idntify ways to cheat and try to find ways to stop users doing
this. [Learning Checkpoint]

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