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Graded activities in Moodle

Many activities in Moodle may be graded. The process of grading may be automatic (as in a Moodle quiz where the scores are automatically calculated based on the learners answers) or manual (as in the tutor entering a mark for an essay that has been submitted using an assignment drop box on your Moodle course page).

How you grade the activity- i.e. with a mark or a rating (a selection from a scale of possible options) is defined in the set up of your Gradebook. has lots of information about 'graded activities' - see graded forums for example.

The Gradebook can be configured to provide an overall course mark for your students.

So, while you may have a quiz with 9 questions, the quiz may only form 15% of the overall course marks. You can define this at the quiz tool level as well as ensure calculations in the Gradebook take this into account. (see the example below). The Maximum Grade is set at 15 - which is 15% of the overall grade for the course.

Quiz Grade

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