This category contains SCD PD courses.

South Central Divide (BLP) Blended Learning Project (BLP) second UC course for all of 2012 led by Niki Davis (the University of Canterbury e-Learning Lab) is held in Educo Moodle here blended with complementary aspects in VLN MyPortfolio and WikiEducator.

The course pedagogy is community enhanced personalised learning to develop blended learning within and across the schools of the South Central Divide, including the schools of CantaNet and WestNet led by ePrincipals Darren Sudlow, Trevor Storr and Pete Graham.

All participants in the SCD BLP project will be enrolled in this Moodle course becuase the primary goal is to support the project.

A sub-group will be used to amange assessment and individual feedback for the 25 or more students also enrolled with UC in this special offering of EDEM680-12 (D) Independent Study [The official code and title supervised by Niki].


Information on the blended learning project. A place for the teachers in the Blended Learning Project to share ideas and resources.

This 2010-2011 course will help participants to structure an online environment that delivers content appropriately, fosters online collaboration and supports the learner. Students will review the growing body of research about online learning and examine effective techniques for successful online teaching and learning. In addition to online course evaluation activities, students will become participatory researchers of online teaching and learning or related services.

A University of Canterbury course designed to personalize professional development for the South Central e-Learning Cluster schools to adopt and enhance blended learning opportunities for their students and colleague. Official title EDEM628 Best practices in online learning and teaching, led by Professor Niki Davis.