Composition steps

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Music Class at Ruapehu College
Informatioin and tools for Music Tuition at RUapehu College

Write out the lyrics of your chosen song.

Explain the meaning of these words

- lyric by lyric.

Draw a picture which describes your song - pencil sketch, colour or paint.

Present on an A4 blank page.

Research twenty important words on the musician who sings your chosen song.

Design a word search using these words.

Present a portrait of your musician.

Include his full name, nationality and date of birth.

Present on an A4 blank page.

Design a poster of your star.

Include portrait, personal details, education path, distinctive features, album covers, top ten list of songs,

your reason for choice.

Present on A3 poster card.

List the guitar chords off the music.

Write out the notes of each chord.

Tabulate each chord on treble and bass clefs.

Listen to a recording of your song.

What is it you like most about it?

Write half an A4 page explaining.

Perhaps consider words, instruments, atmosphere and rhythm.

Make a playable instrument used in your song of choice.

Ideas from YOUTUBE

making musical instruments

Research twenty significant facts.

Write as concise bullet points.

Present in knowledge box format.

Select forty important ‘ pop ’ words.

Design a collage using magazine cut out letters.

Present on an A4 page.

Copy onto manuscript the chorus of your song.

Include all markings except guitar grids.

Aim for the neatness reproduction.

Design a musical note or symbol.

Present on an A4 page.

Create a 3 dimensional effect.

List the notes used in the rhythm of your chosen song off the music.

Name the type of each note.

Give the value of the beat for each note.

Which type of note is most common?

Learn to play the chorus of your song on the keyboard - right hand only.

Compose a two bar rhythm ostinato

to accompany the verses of your song.

Consider carefully the three percussion instruments you use.

Include rests in your rhythm patterns.

Lead the class in body percussion

‘ simon says ’ to a recording of your song.

Your movements need to be simple, effective and ‘ in time. ’