Topic outline

  • General

    You will create recipes for teenagers that encourage them to eat 5+ a day.

    You will do this by producing a final product
    of at least 2 recipes

    These recipes will:
        • include pictures and be well presented
        • be suitable for teenagers to make digitally or physically
        • encourage the use of 5+ a day

    • Topic 1


      First off you need to plan your project
      Download the template below and save it into your newly created "5+ A Day" folder in your "My Documents". You will fill in the template as you progress through the tasks in this project.

    • Topic 2


      Once you have finished your planning, the next thing you have to do is begin your primary research. Primary research is collection of information that does not already exist, this can be done in the form of questionnaires, surveys or interviews.

    • Topic 3


      You are now to analyse the results of you questionnaire. You will used Excel to create a graph for each question and then you will write comments on each of your graphs. Below are instructions on how to write up your report and how to use Excel to create graphs.
    • Topic 4


      Now that you know what types of fruit you need to use in your recipes. It's time to research the internet for recipes.

      Remember that you have to prove that the recipes are linked to your results from your findings, so it may help to read your report before you start your research.

      Come up with 10 recipe ideas.

      You will also need to log the websites that you use in the table provided. Do this as you reasearch.
    • Topic 5

      Choose 4 of your 10 recipes to test with your audience to see if they like your ideas. Remember this is not the final product so you should not spend too long on each one.
      Use the moodle website (below) to upload your concepts and give your peers feedback.
    • Topic 6

      Next you are to evaluate your concepts.
      In a word.doc answer the following questions

      • What made you design concept X this way?
      • Does it meet the brief?
      • What resources did you use?
      • What was the stakeholder feedback?
      • What will you take forward from this to the final design?

      • Topic 7

        Create at least 1 - 2 recipes. They should:
        • Be attractive to the target audience in appearance and taste
        • Be A5 one or two sided (Landscape with two columns) 
        • Contain an image
        • Be the result of your research and stakeholder feedback
      • Topic 8

        You will be marked on the presentation of your work in this section.
        Create a view in 'Mahara- My Portfolio' that includes:
        • Planning Template
        • Questionnaire
        • Results report (Graphs)
        • Website Table
        • Concept Evaluation based on feedback
        • Final Product (1 - 2x recipes)
        • Final Evaluation
      • Topic 9

        You are to complete an evaluation of the 5+ A Day project.
        These questions will assist you:
        • What did you do?
        • What stakeholders were involved?
        • What resources did you use?
        • What went well?
        • Did it go to plan?
        • What could you improve if you did it again?