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    Welcome to the online area for eTeachers and eDeans. This space is designed to centralise resources and as a focus for ongoing professional discussion related to eLearning.  Use the "Course Menu" to access relevant pages.  General resources can be found below.

  • Teachers

    Although there resources are designed to supportive teaching, eDeans are encouraged to read through them as well

  • eDeans

    The role of the eDean is pivotal to the success of all eStudents.  While their is an administrative function, the key role of the eDean is to support eStudents and act as a point of contact between them and their eTeacher(s).  Access some key resources through the links below.

  • eTeachers

    This area contains useful resources for eTeachers. Please wait a few seconds for the windows to pop up below. I have embedded two very useful resources below. One is a summary for teachers of the NZCER research done on learning through VC and the other is a useful resource for getting ideas on how to approach the VC lesson. It is a little bit dated, but still useful.

    • Learning Design

      Learning design is about how you effectively structure learning online. It in some ways it is about how you put your course together and in others ways it is more about the learning activities that you develop with the students.

      Look through the following resources as well as the hyperlinked guide (see above) to develop a better understanding

      8 tips for successful online course facilitation

      View more presentations from Molly Valdez.

    • Moodle Videos

      The Moodle Fairy Channel on Youtube.  Lots of good Moodle tutorials

      A Series of tutorials from EGGs

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