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Bulk Upload errors

by Mister Maude -

Hi, I've just done a bulk upload of new students to the school. Very easy. But when I'd finished it gave me a summary, 129 new users, 45 updated users, 8 errors. I clicked continue expecting to see what those erros were but it just took me back to upload some more users. 

How do I see the errors?

Getting started...

by Mr Taylor -

How do I create a course? i.e. Where do I click to create a course? The question seems so basic, yet I can't seem to find the link to do it...


by Rhonda Knight -

For the last 4-5 weeks I haven't been able to put any of my audio files on line for my students. I have tried a number of different options but no luck. It looks like it is doing it but after30-45 minutes I realise that it really isn't going to. I did it all last year and until Wk3-4 of this term. Has something changed?

Meta Courses

by Mister Maude -

Hi, I'm trying to create a Meta Course and have changed permisions as explained here:

If that's a problem, let me know - or just change it back.

Moodle 2 upgrade problems

by Martin Kane -

I've noticed two problems with using iOS with the latest rendition of Moodle - would be keen to know if anyone has a way around the faults...

1)  Selecting HOME from the top menu should bring up a drop-down menu with "Course Finder" in it.  On iOS it DOES bring up the menu, but then it disappears before there is any opportunity to select Course Finder.

2)  PDF files seem to want to embed themselves in a Moodle viewer now.  As a result, my own PDF files are only displaying portrait and only displaying the first page (and top of the second page) with no way to move them.  Again this only pertains to iOS systems.

New Mahara version

by Peter Potter -
New version looks great, which version is it? 1.3?
Is there any user documentation about the updates?


Delete a Course

by Andrew Downer -
Hey Guys

Does anyone know how to delete a course of your profile when you've finished them or you go in to the wrong one by mistake