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Moodle 2.0

by Mister Maude -
Hi, can we have some info re:moodle 2.0. When will it be available? Where will it be available? Trevor has told me both this version, 1.9 and 2.0 will run for 2011. If users have courses in both will they need to log into seperate places or will users in 1.9 be auto enrolled in 2.0?

Measley 50mb

by Peter Potter -
Had a student run out of quota today. The student is a heavy user and it is all school work. She uses for Social Science, Language, Dig Tech, Science and PE. As we are still trialling I wouldn't say that she is a heavy user.
Doesn't myportfolio serve the nation with 1gb?

Redirect to /my

by Mister Maude -
Found this while avoiding marking:
thought it was quite a useful thing to tick. Thoughts?

Secondly when in My Courses, I am getting longer and longer lists of assignments I have set or done. And a huge list of forum posts I don't want to read. How can I make them go away??

usernames - some thoughts

by Trevor Storr -
Hi everyone,

we are now big enough ( 2250 accounts) for usernames to be a problem. Glen and I have thought a fair bit about this, plus the way accounts are managed. I'd be interested in your feedback.

1. The VLN/MOe will maintain a database of users. When a pupil starts at a school, to get a username, the school queries the database. If the user exists, the current username is returned, if it does not (the pupil is new to the system) then a username is generated (format is for e.g. tstorr, tstorr1, tstorr2, tstorr3 etc) - format can be changed.

The generated username is the pupils logon at school and on educo/mahara. The username won't change if the pupil moves between school. We can also provide an email address.

2. What this means is the usernames are not decided by schools. Pupils will be able to keep the same portfolio as they move through the school system.

3. Passwords for users will be kept in a separate database. Teachers at a particular school will be able to add, delete and maintain passwords for pupils at that school.

4. It also looks like moodle 2 will support openid - this means that students could use any openid provider - eg google/facebook etc with which to authenticate their account.

5. Single signon between the school ict systems and educo/mahara is a bit more complex and probably needs a whole lot more work - however a single username password will help.

So I'd like feedback on your thoughts on a common username policy across all our cluster schools.



VLN portfolio secret URL

by Peter Potter -

This needs to be much shorter.

Apart from getting all students to use the tiny URL can this not be changed??

It would make it more parent letter friendly

Integration of moodle and MUSAC CM

by Trevor Storr -
Hi there,

is there any interest in this?

MUSAC schools: Register here for SMS-LMS v2

If your school is ready to implement SMS-LMS v2 between MUSAC and your LMS then please register an expression of interest by completing the following questions.

Implementing SMS-LMSv2 will enable MUSAC data to move automatically to your SMS, where it can maintain accounts (linked to enrolments) and groups (based on class/subject membership) and present SMS data to parents and students.

This information will enable MUSAC and the Ministry to prioritise schools for the rollout and to direct follow-up communications more accurately.

Please note that this information will be shared with MUSAC and may be shared with your LMS vendor.

A registration of interest does not guarantee you a high priority. However, this functionality will eventually be made available to every MUSAC school. We intend to close off registrations mid - late June.

User Profiles

by Mister Maude -

Hi, I've just noticed a pupil's home phone number on thier profile. Can we remove individual fields from the profile? I added a School and Form class field, but it only appears at the bottom of a very long list. Can those fields be put into the main section? Can you customise the sign in/profile fields?

It would be great to turn the School field into a drop down list of schools, but this would require a list of schools first. Is that possible?