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  • Moodlers' Moodle Musings

    Hi! Welcome to the Moodler's moodle musings page. This moodle course is being used by the teachers of Darfield High School to share our ICT PD using moodle. Course members are learning how to use moodle and trialing courses with their students. Here's what we've been doing...

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    Term 2 Week 8    10 June

    Add a Contents Box to your Moodle Site

    You can add a contents box to your Moodle site so that students can just click on the relevant section and be taken directly there (instead of having to scroll through all of your material).

    Turn editing on, then scroll down to "Blocks" on the bottom right hand side.  Select 'Course Menu' from the drop down menu. This will show a contents page for your course. You can move this to a different location on your Moodle page by using the arrows at the top of the box.

    From Nikki Ferguson

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    Term 2 Week 7 3rd June

    Task 1. Check out the new 'Moodle for teaching and learning' course as mentioned above.

    Sharing good practice:

    MM: Using Labels -This is handy when you want to break up your 'links' in a topic with some text (explanations, introductions etc).  To put text between links turn on editing, go to

    • 'insert a resource'
    • choose 'insert a label'
    • Here you can type your text in,
    • hit save and return

    The text will go to the end of the topic so use the 'move it' button at the bottom to put it where you want it between your links.

    LB will again be working with BS and PE looking at the basics of creating a course on Moodle in A11 if anyone wants to join if they haven't got very far with their course. Right back to basics!!!!

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    Term 2 Week 6 27th May

    Task 1. Add your name to the moodle group in the wiki list

    Sharing good practice:

    LB will be working with BS and PE looking at the basics of creating a course on Moodle in A11 if anyone wants to join if they haven't got very far with their course. Right back to basics!!!!

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    Term 2 Week 5 19th May

    It's report season, but even so there has been much moodling. Time today to share the exciting stuff you've been doing and get on and do some more.

    Task 1. Check out the How To book at the top of this page.

    Task 2. Have a look at some of the best courses that were shared last week in the Discussion Forum

     Sharing Good Practice:

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    Term 2 Week 4 13/03

    Welcome back Moodler's. It's been a long time since we've met and there has been a lot of moodle use in the interim.

    Task 1. If you have not posted your best (or only) Moodle site to the Moodlers' Forum, please do that.

    Task 2. Have a look at the profiles of Mr Thompson and Mr. Maude in this course. Creating an online identity adds to the ownership students have to moodle. Have a go at editting your profile.

    Task 3. Malvern ICT Professional Learning Group
    1/3 of moodlers need to attend the "
    Malvern ICT Cluster Sharing PLG" (or MICTCSPLG for short!!!) Please join the Malvern ICT wiki if you have not already done so. Also we will need to decide today, who else will be going.

    Sharing Good Practice

    MM - Adding Form class names to the description of courses makes finding them easier

    JD - Adding photos to moodle to show rock climbing pictures. Need to resize photo sizes. Add an activity - slide show. Will need to zip the files (see JD for info or watch the video)

    Also added a video on how to do WOF on a bike - video, up load onto Youtube (see the how to book in the Moodles Moodle)

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    Term 1 Week 9 01/04

    Show & tell all staff PD

    Today all interest groups share what they have been doing in a all staff PD session. Moodlers will be sharing:

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    Term 1 Week 8 25/03

    Sharing Good Practice:

    LB - Making books

    Adding links to websites

    Quizes and Assignments

    1. Quizes
    2. Assignments

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    Term 1 Week 7 18/03

    Sharing Good Practice:

    NG: Making Books

    ??: What I've done this week

    Uploading files

    1. Using Moodle

    2. Using

    • Set up an account with
    • Embed Box into moodle
    • Upload files
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    Term 1 Week 6 11/03

    Sharing good practice:

    • LB Calendars. Embed a google calendar into your course and share events with other teachers. Check to see what other assignments or homework are due that day.
    • MM assignments. Set an assingment online so that students can submit any type of file, Word, Powerpoint, Pictures.

    Change Settings for new courses
    1. Log in
    2. Go to Courses, My Courses
    3. Choose Course
    4. In the administration panel, click Settings

    Editing new courses.
    1. Log in
    2. Go to Courses, My Courses
    3. Click Turn Editing on (top RHS)
    4. Try adding a resource or adding an activity
    5. Edit the Topic by clicking on the pencil.
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    Term 2 Week 11 1st June

    This week we meet with all staff and listen to what's been hapenning in the other groups. The following moodlers will be sharing

    Sharing Good Practice: 

    MM: The Moodler's Moodle.

    We've used this moodle course to record what we've done each week as a group. This is the first port of call each week in PD and it contains a task or two and details of good practice shared by different members.



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