Topic outline

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    You will create recipes for teenagers that encourage them to eat 5+ a day.

    You will do this by producing a final product
    of at least 2 recipes and a presentation

    These recipes will:
        • include pictures and be well presented
        • be suitable for teenagers to make digitally or physically
        • encourage the use of 5+ a day

  • Topic 2

    Word Processing

    You are working for Hoyts in Riccarton

    1. Prepare a flyer (A4 size) to advertise the film Collateral Damage. The world premiere of this new film is to open next Saturday evening at Hoyts Cinema. To celebrate this event Arnie Schwarzenegger, the star of the film will be in Chch to sign autographs and give fabulous prizes. The film is an action packed thriller. It has a 15 certificate, starts at 9pm. First 10 people will win a 2-week holiday in Hollywood; the rest of the audience will receive a baseball cap and a complimentary ticket. Ring the above number to book a seat. Arrive early!

    The flyer needs to catch everyone’s attention, so make this attractive - use different font styles, sizes of font, underline, spaced capitals, bold, italics, borders.

    Hint - centre your work - type out all the information that you need on the poster first and then use the display techniques like bold, italics etc. You will find this method faster. ALSO make good use of spacing - you have a large sheet of paper and only a small amount of information to put onto this. Space it out.  

    Part 2

    Write to Arnie who lives at Belle Air Heights, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles,California, 457231 and thank him for agreeing to visit Christchurch. Tell him that he is booked into the George Hotel for 3 days and he is staying in the Park Suite. Confirm that he will be presenting prizes and signing autographs at the cinema from 8pm on Saturday and that his fee for the session is $80000. Thank him for giving up his time and tell him that the people of Chch are looking forward to seeing him.

  • Topic 3


    What is a database?

    What databases are you on?

    To create a database...


  • Topic 4

    Start your project

    Your 5+a Day Project starts here. Begin by registering yourself onto

    • Join the group Year 10 SBC
    • Copy the page Year 10 DTC 5+a Day
    • Read the brief and discuss the project with your partner
    • As a class list some ideas on the board of what you know about the 5+a Day campaign
  • Topic 5


    First off you need to plan your project
    Download the template below and save it into your newly created "5+ A Day" folder in your "My Documents". You will fill in the template as you progress through the tasks in this project.

  • Topic 6


    Once you have finished your planning, the next thing you have to do is begin your primary research. Primary research is collection of information that does not already exist, this can be done in the form of questionnaires, surveys or interviews.

    For your homework ask at least 20 teenagers to fill in your survey
  • Topic 7


    You are now to analyse the results of you questionnaire. You will used Excel to create a graph for each question and then you will write comments on each of your graphs. Below are instructions on how to write up your report and how to use Excel to create graphs. Add any new specifications to the page on myportfolio
  • Topic 8


    Now that you know what types of fruit you need to use in your recipes. It's time to research the internet for recipes and information for your presentation

    Remember that you have to prove that the recipes are linked to your results from your findings, so it may help to read your report before you start your research.

    Come up with 5 recipe ideas.

    You will also need to log the websites that you use in the table provided. Do this as you reasearch.
  • Topic 9

    Choose 3 of your 5 recipes to test with your audience to see if they like your ideas. Remember this is not the final product so you should not spend too long on each one.
    Use the moodle website (below) to upload your concepts and give your peers feedback. Give feedback on at least 10 other recipes - be constructive!
  • Topic 10

    Next you are to evaluate your concepts.
    In a word.doc answer the following questions

    • What made you design concept X this way?
    • Does it meet the brief?
    • What resources did you use?
    • What was the stakeholder feedback?
    • What will you take forward from this to the final design?

  • Topic 11


    Presentation Create the presentation with the secondary research that you have collected. Be aware of your specifications and your audience.

  • Topic 12

    Create at least 1 - 2 recipes. They should:
    • Be attractive to the target audience in appearance and taste
    • Be A4 one or two sided (Landscape with two columns) 
    • Contain an image
    • Be the result of your research and stakeholder feedback
  • Topic 13

    You are to complete an evaluation of the 5+ A Day project.
    These questions will assist you:
    • What did you do?
    • What stakeholders were involved?
    • What resources did you use?
    • What went well?
    • Did it go to plan?
    • What could you improve if you did it again?
  • Topic 14

    You will be marked on the presentation of your work in this section.
    Create a view in 'Mahara- My Portfolio' that includes:
    • Planning Template
    • Questionnaire
    • Results report (Graphs)
    • Website Table
    • Concept Evaluation based on feedback
    • presentation planning
    • Final Product (1 - 2x recipes) and presentation
    • Final Evaluation
  • Topic 15