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    L3 History

    Welcome to the L3 History Administration Course. The purpose of this course is for me to gather some important information about you all and for you to get to know each other. Once this one week module is complete we will be moving to a completely new site.

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    Tutorials / Tools

    This is where I will place tutorials on the various online tools we use. For example I have placed a screencast on how to use google docs. Please view it to learn more. Hint: After you have started the video, click the little monitor icon in the bottom right corner to make it full screen

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    • Topic 2

      Overview of Course

      Read through the following resources to get an overview of the course. The last resource tells the story of topic and is very useful in getting a broad understanding of what it is about. Read through it (make sure you click on "full screen"), print it out and take a few simple notes in the margins.

      • Topic 3

        Background Module


        Time allowed: Monday 7th Feb - Monday 14th Feb


        • For the teacher to develop an understanding of each student's strengths and interests
        • For students to get to know one another


        Create Google Account: Please make sure you have created a Google account ( as we will need this for much of the work we will do. Just paste the url into your browser. When you create an account email me from your new gmail account. This will enable me to share documents with you and will be very important when we move to our new site later. Let me know if you have trouble accessing google from your school.

        Click on the general discussion forum (top of page) and participate in the two discussion threads

        Spend some time on your profile (click on "update profile" top right of screen). Add some information about yourself and a picture

        Go to your portfolio area and add some details about yourself. See if you can add a view, then try populating it with some items by dragging them to the appropriate space.

        Complete the questionnaires below

      • Topic 4

        Backgrounding the topic:

        • To understand the context for the period we are studying
        Time Allowed:

        This is a one week module and should be completed by Monday 28th February

        We need to place our period of history in context to understand it fully. There are some key events and issues to look at before we delve into Elizabeth I. This page outlines some of the key areas with accompanying resources and tasks. Just read down the page.

        1. Brainstorm - What do we need to know?. Everyone needs to post on the brainstorm. You need to get used to providing some of your own ideas rather than the teacher deciding all the time. If it won't work for you go and post your ideas on the discussion board.

        2. Examining the historical context.

        3. Reformation
        Resources: Wikipedia and other useful websites, Reformation reading, Merrie England, books

        1. What do we need to know?

        Click on the link below to post some ideas suggesting topics / information / events that will help us to better understanding of this period. What background information do we need? This will help direct the module backgrounding the topic.

        This has been completed - please move to research task

      • Topic 5

        Module Two: Elizabeth and Issues

        Essay Two

        This is your first full essay for the year using questions very similar to what you get in the exam. I have given you a choice of questions. Unlike the exam you do it in your own time, with whatever resources you have handy. Focus on constructing a clear argument supported by detailed evidence. To learn more about writing an essay at this level go to the NCEA assessment page in the course menu, scroll down and read through the embedded resources. If you don't see anything let me know asap.


        The main sub-topics we study are:
        1. Elizabeth and religion (one week) - click on this link to go to the page
        2. Elizabeth and Finance (one-two hours)
        3. Elizabeth and Foreign Policy (two-four hours)
        4. Elizabeth and Multiple Kingdoms (one hour)
        5. Elizabeth and Management of Parliament / Governing class (one hour)
        2. Elizabeth and Finance

        Key Question: How successfully did Elizabeth manage her finances

        1. Read through the reading on finance below
        2. Complete the note taking sheet offline
        3. Complete the quiz below (not looking at the answers) until you get 100%
        4. Participate in the discussion thread, "Arguing about money" in the forum
      • Topic 6


        This is where you will find all the relevant booklets and other resources

        • Topic 8

          Module Three: James I

          Elizabeth Review: Historical Interpretation

          As we make progress through the course it is important that we take time to examine and interpret both primary and secondary sources. Sometime we will do this by practising exam questions and other times we will discuss sources together. Our first example is a short collection of sources on Elizabeth I. We will examine this as a group using an online tool called Voicethread, but before you do this please make sure you have taken some time to read through the guide to historical interpretation (click here).

          Click on the icon below to go to the activity

        • Topic 9

          Module Four: Charles I - The First Tremors 1625-29

          Objective: To examine the reasons why Charles ruled without parliament for eleven years

          Time Allowed: This a short module and should only take three periods plus homework time

          Click on the following links to access useful resources for this module

          Overview: This first small module on Charles is focused on examining why he ruled without parliament from 1629-1640. Much of it has to do with his relationship with the parliaments he had to call. Remember Charles inherited a war with Spain and very unpopular favourite in the form of Buckingham.

          So we need to go through these early parliaments and follow a more linear path in our own work. There will be no short research aspect in this section.

          The Personality of Charles

          What was Charles like? Read the relevant chapter of the booklet and complete the two activities below. Do the voicethread first. There is a good video below that will work (not on vimeo or youtube) King_Charles_I_1600-1649_-_Pt_13.flv

        • Topic 10

          History and Hollywood: Part One - Research

          Many feature films have historical content. As part of their presentation of history, films may
          • a study of an historical figure (eg. “Gandhi”, “Wyatt Earp”)
          • an examination of an historical event or period (eg. “Gettysburg”, “The Longest Day”)
          Imagine you are an historian who is researching to produce a web-based video entitled “History and Popular Culture” in which you examine a selected feature film which has an historical perspective or content. This will form the basis of a comparison between the ways in which history is presented through popular culture as opposed to what is presented by historians.


          Our first focus for the internal is the Research plan. This is where you need to identify your area of research, relevant focussing questions, identify sources and plan your research. One of the most difficult aspects if the formation of quality focussing questions.

          Task1: Define an area for historical research, formulate significant and perceptive focusing questions and plan the research, in comprehensive detail

          In this activity you will be researching the reality behind an historical movie of your choice.

          • Defining your area of research. To do this, write a statement of 2 - 3 sentences in which you specify the aims of your research into a specific film and its historical context
          • Asking at least two significant and perceptive focusing questions that will structure your research
          • Identifying a range of possible sources of information that could provide evidence to research the focusing questions, and state what type of information you would expect to find
          • Devising a time and management plan that shows how you intend to carry out this activity. You must show evidence of clear stages of research, including a comprehensively detailed and sequenced list of dates and tasks to be carried out to ensure the completion of this activity. This could include an outline of historical methods to be used
          You can either choose an event, period or figure from history that will be the focus for your research. This is no easy task when you have the whole of history open to you. You also need to find a feature film that depicts that event, period or figure. Of course, because of a particular interest the feature film might be what you start with. ALL of you must go to the relevant forum thread and outline your possible research areas. By the end of the week you need to have one chosen.

          Task: Forming quality focusing questions

          Read pages 1-8 on the NCEA guide below (please ignore the reference to World WAr Two movies, it needs to be updated. You can choose any era of history apart from the Tudor Stuarts), paying close attention to what a significant and perceptive focusing question looks like. Go to the following forum thread and outline one or two possible questions you are thinking of. Don't be bashful. The aim is to get some idea of what a good question will look like. I will give you feedback in the forum thread and everyone will be able to learn from it.