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    On Thursday the 4th April the year 13 Physical education and Outdoor education classes both packed up for a 5 hour drive down to Glendhu Bay in Wanaka. From there we spent the next five days, overcoming our own personal fears and physical limitations. After a long drive everyone got to sleep in preparation for the next day. The first day was spent at riverside, this was most of the class’s first experiences with natural rock climbing and many were surprised as to how different it was to the rock wall at school. Unfortunately the heavens opened and rain drizzled upon us, although we had to delay climbing for a few hours, there came the sun and we were back to face the Gnar Gnar. After taking off and climbing like sky rockets in flight we returned home for a little bit of afternoon delight which consisted of subway and a decent sleep. The next morning we rose to the sound of flight of the concords and Mr D shifting tables. After a feed of porridge and spaghetti we jumped in the swag waggon and rolled off to our next crag. Once we arrived at main cliff we started to climbing the gnarliest gnar we had ever seen. I was the first to conquer head bangers arret (Liam sharp) closely followed by Bobby (aka bob diggy dog). From then booby and i made it our job to force most of the crew up there as well and most that tried it succeeded. The next climb everyone was interested in was the big corner, everyone was keen to have a go but were slowed down by Ryan stuck in a weasel cave at the top. Despite everyone’s encouragement and best efforts to force Ryan on the task was just too much for Mr Harvey. The option was then put forward by our instructor Jess if those who were finding main cliff to intimidating to go across the road to bake side, about half of the crew went with Jess and improved their confidence for the next day. By day three the team was coming to grips with their climbing and everyone was exceeding the expectations they had of themselves. Ryan Kelk the dark horse came out of nowhere and destroyed several 17’s and an 18 while Liam O was pushing his shoulder to the max in order to get his credits. Day four was oned to remember for most of the group, with some of us conquering the tomb stone and others completing both of our assessments on the engine block, it truly was a splendid day for all. One of the highlights of the trip was sitting on the deck at night talking, everyone was over tired and the conversations hardly made sense, there were animal impressions, sing along and the occasional gassing from Chelsey (which became more and more frequent as the trip went on). By the last day everyone was well and truly stuffed, we had been climbing as hard as we could to reach the grades we wanted and now it was starting to show. People were dropping like flies and we were doing anything to get our last climbs out of the way, energy drinks and chocolate bars were consumed rapidly to try and give us the little boost we needed. The sugar and caffeine payed off and we all passed our assessment at the level we wanted, after we left the crag it was strait back to Christchurch stopping off in Gereldine for dinner on the way.


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