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Integration of moodle and MUSAC CM

Integration of moodle and MUSAC CM

by Trevor Storr -
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Hi there,

is there any interest in this?

MUSAC schools: Register here for SMS-LMS v2

If your school is ready to implement SMS-LMS v2 between MUSAC and your LMS then please register an expression of interest by completing the following questions.

Implementing SMS-LMSv2 will enable MUSAC data to move automatically to your SMS, where it can maintain accounts (linked to enrolments) and groups (based on class/subject membership) and present SMS data to parents and students.

This information will enable MUSAC and the Ministry to prioritise schools for the rollout and to direct follow-up communications more accurately.

Please note that this information will be shared with MUSAC and may be shared with your LMS vendor.

A registration of interest does not guarantee you a high priority. However, this functionality will eventually be made available to every MUSAC school. We intend to close off registrations mid - late June.