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VLN portfolio secret URL

VLN portfolio secret URL

by Peter Potter -
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This needs to be much shorter.

Apart from getting all students to use the tiny URL can this not be changed??

It would make it more parent letter friendly

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Re: VLN portfolio secret URL

by Admin User -
The idea of the secret view is "security by obscurity", ie. it allows a way to provide access to a view without people having to log in, but while still not comprimising the privacy of a student's work. That is why it is called a 'secret' url. The problem with making it short/easier, would be that it would also be easier for somebody to guess urls and access views they are not supposed to.

I guess a better 'parent friendly' approach is for the parents to have logins and the students can then share the views with them - but that also comes with its own set of problems wink