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Beginning of year

Beginning of year
by Darren Sudlow - Sunday, 23 January 2011, 9:53 PM
Hi all,

This is your first email sent from the online staffroom (on Educo) for CantaNet. Just follow the links at the top of the email to get to the course area or just go to "My courses" on Educo's front page. This some guidance for the beginning of the year for both eTeachers and eDeans (site supervisor). If you have questions please reply to this post so we can all share problems and I don't have to keep repeating myself! If you really don't know where to start
or you have specific requests email me

To get all the information you are after go to www.vln.school.nz, login and go to your school's page (through "provider" on your home page).

Teachers can:
  • check progress of enrolments in their course
  • Please check the VC time is the one I arranged for you last year
  • Your pin is published in your VC time on the timetable but also see here
  • Get student names and emails for your course. Most of our courses have a lot of enrolments to come so don't be too hasty
  • You will want site supervisor names. This is not as easy as it use to be, but click on a students name. and then on the school name and you will see who the admin person is for that school (left hand side). This is the contact that you need
eDeans can:
  • Manually enrol new students as the come along by clicking on "Manage People" and "add person" in your school page (see video in this course area)
  • Withdraw students by going to the course and dragging them over to withdraw (again see the video if you need to)
  • Check your school’s enrolment progress on your school’s page
    by clicking on “Enrolment Statistics”. Choose the correct year and you
    will get a summary of where your students are enrolled. You can even
    export this as a spreadsheet if you want.

General info

The calendar is published in the CantaNet staffroom on Educo (left hand side of course page). Have a good look at key dates this year, including when the Orientation day is (10th January at Ashburton College). Just follow the link in this email.

Courses officially begin Monday next week, but they won’t really start until the following week. There is nothing stopping you getting those students who have enrolled, up and going as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the course if full, but do wait until next week!

I will continue to develop this online area, especially with some screencasts with tips and tricks. Keep an eye on it

New eManual with policies and procedures to come out this week.

We have a series of eSchool (for want of a better word) week one and two. These are for eTeachers and eDeans (the old site supervisor role) to attend together. We will be going through the beginning of the year and policies and procedures for the new cluster (called CantaNet if you didn’t know already). Choose ONE of these dates to attend. Pin is 390781. The reason for different dates? Flexibility and the fact we have too many sites (19) for one VC.

Re: Beginning of year
by Darren Sudlow - Monday, 24 January 2011, 8:59 AM
Oops. Orientation is of course the 10th February. Apologies.