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Tip for the week: Word Documents

Tip for the week: Word Documents
by Darren Sudlow - Tuesday, 15 February 2011, 7:38 PM
Hi all,

Every week I will post a tip from the staffroom. Sorry to eDeans who get this at the moment. I am looking at a way around that asap.

I am enrolled in an online course this year and it has already been interesting experiencing things as a student. What I really dislike so far is having to download Word documents or PPTs to view them. It is annoying and clutters up my hard drive with unnecessary stuff. Try and make resources web based. It makes the experience a lot better for the student.

Use the create web page feature in Moodle for simple documents and just copy and paste from a document. Or use http://www.scribd.com/ or http://www.slideshare.net to upload resources and embed them into your course. Works a treat and is very eye catching. You could also store resources in www.box.net which means you can embed single files or whole folders of resources.

Using these web tools also means that your resources are not locked in your Moodle course. They can be used anywhere on the web, whether a wiki, google site or blog.