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Discussion Question Two: Communication

Re: Discussion Question Two: Communication
by Darren Sudlow - Tuesday, 15 May 2012, 9:55 AM

The vast majority of communication comes from my course in Educo so it is not something that eDeans can be cced in on.  What I do is keep them in the loop on student progress, especially if someone hasn't completed work.  I also use a simple work completion / progress chart which is in my Virtual Markbook.  You can see it on the L3 Classics page.  This allows eDeans to see where students are at quite quickly.

The best thing I have done this year re communication is to insist on having students cell phone numbers (there is one students who doesn't have one).  This has been a godsend, because while students don't always check their email, they always respond to a text.  I have been able to follow up with students very quickly and easily.  I even have them set up as a group so I can send reminders to everyone.  Works extremely well.