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Discussion Question Six: How to ensure understanding

Re: Discussion Question Six: How to ensure understanding
by Darren Sudlow - Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 1:18 PM

Interesting that this thread only has a couple of posts.  Maybe there is some repitition.

Anyway, course design is important for ensuring clarity and Anne's suggestion of using screencasts / videos is a good one.  Rather than just relying on text instruction, reinforce it with a quick video as well.

As I mentioned in another thread a forum is a very useful way on centralising help.  Encourage students to post problems in the forum, rather than email you.  It has a number of advantages:

  • You won't answer the same questions multiple times
  • Other students will see the question and answer which will often help clarify their own thinking
  • It provides a clear log or record of problems / questions
  • It encourages students to help each other rather than always relying on the teacher - making your workload more manageable
  • It is yet another way of encouraging student interaction
All you have to is insist on its use, which means that when a student emails you a question, you direct them to the forum and explain that you or someone else will answer it there.