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Proposed changes to the VLN site

Proposed changes to the VLN site
by Darren Sudlow - Tuesday, 18 September 2012, 2:32 PM

Hi all,

The VLN site is to undergo a revamp fairly soon so I wanted to give you a chance to make some suggested changes that I can pass on.  Below is what Glen Davies has already indicated what will happen.  Just reply to this post with suggestions.


As well as a refresh of the underlying framework that the Learning Exchange runs on which will enable us to refactor/simplify the interface for mobile device access in future updates the following changes have also been implemented:

  • Users can see course closed status on search results screen
  • User can select to show only current classes on enrolment stats pages for clusters and providers, eg. don't show courses for current year unless they are currently open
  • User can select an 'All Primary' option from enrolment stats for clusters and schools which combines Junior, Middle and Senior Primary
  • User only sees students from their cluster when searching in add enrolments section
  • If user tries to enrol a student who is already enrolled in a course they get a meesage to indicate the student is already enrolled.
  • Class teacher can see school co-ordiantor contact details for each student enroled in a class, including on enrolment spreadsheet
  • Cluster admins can copy courses to another provider in their cluster
  • Bulk upload template file shows all fields that can be upload - currently DOB and Ethnicty not there
  • Admins can add notes about reason for withdrawing for courses outside their cluster
  • User is able to see from the email that is sent on a student withdrawl who it was that withdrew the student