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by Darren Sudlow -
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Hi all,

For those of you who are new this message is coming from the CantaNet staffroom on Educo.  Do expect a few messages / discussion threads on here over the next few weeks as we gear up for the eHui in early December.

This is a quick post to share with you a MOOC.  MOOC stands for, Massive Open Online Course and is a growing trend in online education.  Literally thousands of people can enrol for free and participate in a course, which is usually (but not always) led by a University lecturer / tutor.  The three most well know organisations who offer MOOCs are Coursera, Udacity, and edX.  Coursera seems to be the one with the broadest range of courses and i have found myself enrolling in about six already.

I encourage you take a look at Coursera.  Sign up and enrol in a couple of courses, then take a look around.  It is quite fascincating and has already given me a few ideas. 

Remember these are entirely free courses that are offered by Univeristies across the States.  I am currently enrolled in a HIstory course offered by Princeton University, which is not something I would have imagined doing a few years ago.