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by Darren Sudlow - Tuesday, 26 March 2013, 12:48 PM

Hi eDeans and eTeachers,

Be aware that our updated CantaNet Memorandum of Understanding (MOUS) is available here.  Schools just need to take and sign off on a copy for your own records.  For students in out of cluster courses eDeans should inquire about getting access to a copy of a cluster MOU.  Both FarNet and OtagoNet (theres is a google doc like ours) have one MOU like us so it should just be a matter asking for a copy for your records.  It shouldn't be necessary to have individual MOUs flying around between schools, although a few clusters still might do it this way.

eTeachers - all other clusters need for your course is a copy of our MOU.  Direct them to the link which is on our website under the "online courses" tab in the navigation bar.  If a school kicks up a fuss pass it on to me.

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread.