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Professional Learning

Professional Learning
by Darren Sudlow - Thursday, 11 April 2013, 2:17 PM

In term two we need to put into place a model of PLD for eTeachers that will work for us so I want to sound everyone out over the course of this last week.

What we need to bear in mind is keeping it light, because you will already have your own in schools and keeping it focused.

So what does your school do in relation to ongoing PD?  Teacher as inquiry/research models of PLD are popular at the moment, as are the development of professional learning groups where teachers get to choose a focus group to join.  PLD should not only develop teacher capability, but also focus on organisational improvement - so in that respect teacher goals usually align with school goals.


What sort of approach do you think would work  in a CantaNet context?  What support do you think should be put in place to make it happen.

What we put in place will also need to be largely online.  We are an eLearning cluster, all teach online and we have large distances that make face to face PLD difficult (although might form part of what happens)

The only thing I will say in this is that we currently don’t have any systematic programme of professional learning.  It is all ad hoc and intermittent.  That will work to an extent, but will only get us so far so we need to have something in place.  

I know I could just suggest something and get your response, but I’m very keen to give you the opportunity to make suggestions based on what you have seen works, rather than just reacting to what I think could happen.

I would very much appreciate some discussion on this before the end of term, so have a think and then come in and let us all know your thoughts.  Maybe it is just sharing what you don’t want to see.

(eDeans are welcome to comment or to make suggestions re what could be done for eDeans)

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Re: Professional Learning
by Damer Farrell - Friday, 12 April 2013, 10:35 PM
For me personally as I am a newbie there will be some basics that I have to do just to comply with subject delivery  -- 
Teacher must be comfortable with the equipment and
know it back to front what to look for  how to set it up --
who to get hold of when it falls over. 
There must be clear guidelines
PD about classroom management   student / deans contact -- the general stuff that at school, because we see them every day we have greater control and less failure  ?? 
I think you called it       systematic programme of professional learning
How do we reward the better students -- at our Hui  we suggested a reward via the dean but ?? 
the reverse --  a kick in the pants for them that are loafing and  for the genuine student in the middle how to offer encouragement.
Parent involvement ??  I skyped a student --Katie -- and I also asked for a quick chat to mom at the same time --  the result is that Katie has both her mom and myself assisting
Maybee the report back to parents could be a special conf time.
Is there a way to involve parents as well as the student -- make them the meat in the sammie so to speak
without being a dictator you could set a standard or goal based about the bulls eye     the centre will be what must be done , then what should be done  and then what could be done then what may be done.
When it comes time for assessment we will be able to show what targets we have met.
I have to say that I am not a great supporter  of " teaching as an inquiry" its a little wishy washy for me but  untill I have explored it??
 any pd about how children learn would help. I know Stacy has a qizz that gives interesting results.
But you are right  any Pd that enhances learning has to be good. We must not lose sight of who the customer is and if possible cater to their needs.