The embedded resource above is called a voicethread. It allows you to zoom in on the image, doodle on it and most importantly, comment. Your comments can be by text, microphone or webcam. To access this at school you will either need a laptop with an in built microphone (most) or a desktop with a headset or microphone. A last resort is to type comments

  1. Comment on an important aspect of the vase. This could be identifying important figures, subject matter, innovations, examples of black figure technique, composition etc. Don't repeat a comment that has already been made. DO THIS ON BOTH SIDES - SO USUALLY TWO COMMENTS
  2. To do this click on "sign in" in the resource.
  3. We all use the same account. The email is "" and the password is
  4. You all have an identity under this account. Click on the picture of Zeus and choose your identity. Feel free to upload a picture to your identity.
  5. Play any comments on the vase
  6. Go and comment on the vase yourself
  7. If you doodle to illustrate a point be careful

Last modified: Thursday, 15 December 2011, 10:12 AM