Initially it is not the quality of your ideas but the quantity. Do not dismiss anything, you can do this in a group or on your own.
There are lots of different techniques;
Word Maps - Select some key words from the brief and put them on a piece of paper. Circle the word and draw 3 lines coming off it. Then look at only the first word and write 3 words off it, the second word and so forth

Concept Maps - Similar to a word map, but with pictures.

Web Diagrams - Write one key word in the middle of your page and then have key words coming from it. These key words are then expanded upon forming different ideas for your project.

Other techniques are;
Spider Diagrams
Flow Charts
Free Writing
Dream Diaries
Role Play

Visit your stakeholder and see which ideas they prefer. Note their choices and evalute them agianst the brief to inform the next stage.
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